Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


17 year old Arnau is a delicate and conscientious boy. Living in his own world on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona surrounded by nature, Arnau dedicates himself to his true passion: songbird competitions. He also rescues a wounded fox he finds by the riverside. With these companions, Arnau feels totally prepared to face what life can throw at him. Especially when his prized goldfinch wins the championship of Catalonia. With this prize he starts saving money to hire a hotshot lawyer so he can save his mother.

His Uncle Ramon is real character and Arnau enjoys spending his summer days hanging out with him. Especially when he takes him to the dog track and teaches him all the tricks. In the excitement of the races Arnau sees a way to quickly make more money. But this decision will force him to confront the harsh reality of life.

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