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Cast: Zoë Bell (Django Unchained, Oblivion), Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, P2, Conan), Doug Jones (Pan’s ?Labyrinth, Hellboy), Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3D), Tara Macken (The Hunger Games)

Quentin Tarantino’s favorite action queen Zoe Bell takes the lead in a modern day underground ‘coliseum’. 50 abducted women are forced to fight each other to death in one-on-one combat, or the sinister secret organization which has kidnapped them will murder their families.

“Somewhere between exploitation movies and Tarantino brashness, “Raze” is lurking, waiting to slug you in the face.” New York Times
?“Cult potential especially given the strong cast.” Screen International
?“Raze is a sweaty, queasy, bruising experience and a superbly crafted film.” LA Times